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Paws 'N Mittens is dedicated to providing superior in-home grooming and pet sitting services with the love, care and pampering your pets deserve!


Thank you to all our Fur-riends and Pet Parents for these past 8 1/2 wonderful years! We were blessed and honored to have known and served such wonderful people and their pets.  

If you are just now visiting our page; HELLO! Thank you for visiting our page.  Unfortunately we are no longer providing services at this time.


Dear Pet Parents,

During these uncertain and stressful times, we would like to dedicate this section of our page to keep you up-to-date and informed on our current policies and procedures.  We are dedicated to the pets we serve and their families as well!  In order to help minimize exposure for you, your home, and our staff we will be implementing the following protocols:

  • DOG WALKING: For pet parents who are home, we will have doorway hand-offs for daily walks:  Your sitter will arrive for your pets' usual walk but will knock or text you upon arrival for you to meet them with your pet at the designated door or gate where your pets leave to walk.  Our sitters will then use our own company leashes to accompany your pet around the neighborhood and will text you of their return to send the pets back inside.
  • DOG WALKING: For pet parents who are NOT home our staff will follow the guidelines outlined below and only go where absolutely necessary to obtain pets for their walks and routines.  The sitter will use our own equipment, such as leashes for walks.  Please try to put all pet supplies (if any foods, medications, treats etc are needed) in one central location near pets to limit the amount of rooms needed for the sitter to enter.
  • PET SITTING:  As of May 15th we entered the yellow phase and some reservations are coming in for pet sitting services.  We are happy to help care for your pets and with a little extra help and preparation we can all make things safe and continue to run smoothly!  Please again gather all pet supplies to one central location to the best of your ability and without tempting any free-roaming pets who may be prone to get into things.  You can discuss specifics with your sitter to establish the locations of the supplies or set-up a ZOOM tour with your sitter to show them new locations of supplies.  All surfaces needed for food preparation, washing dishes etc will be wiped down after each visit and sitters again will be following the sanitation guidelines and protocols listed below.
  • IN-HOME GROOMING:  On May 15th we have begun to get back to our current clients to reschedule appointments and are getting in touch with new inquiries on our waiting list to try to schedule appointments.  We are still using social distancing guidelines to groom utilizing only rooms where we can groom in our own space, this can include but is not limited to: Laundry rooms and or basements, garages, sun rooms, spare rooms etc.  If you are unsure where to have us set up please e-mail Jenna and she will be happy to discuss options with you. 

Please be considerate and let us know if anyone in the household is ill or feeling unwell to reschedule for a later date or to rearrange services. We take your household safety very seriously and will continue to remain diligent in our safety protocols and procedures.



- Wash / Sanitize hands before and after appointments

-          Wash pet food and water bowls after visits

- Not wearing shoes in your home or wear shoe coverings that will be changed for each household

- Only touch what is absolutely necessary for pet care, and only enter rooms needed to retrieve pets or pet supplies

- If people are home; we will maintain the recommended 6' distance and wear masks or face coverings

We appreciate your continued support as we continue to monitor what is the safest way to proceed with the care and service to you and your pets!  

Our pet care services allow your pet(s) to enjoy a staycation while you are away.  Being home keeps your pet(s) on their own routines, while giving you the peace of mind knowing your pet(s) are being well-cared for in a place they feel most comfortable and secure.  We provide feedings, refill waters, provide bathroom breaks, mental and physical exercise and administer medications.  We play, cuddle, provide companionship and supervision to your pet(s).

Our house call grooming services are perfect for hyper pets, shy pets or pets who become easily stressed during travel or while waiting in the salons. Staying in their own home allows your pet(s) to enjoy their spa experience in a place they feel safe, and secure. We strive to give your pet(s) a relaxing, enjoyable and stress free pampering that allows them to look forward to their spa day! 

We provide:

* Pet Sitting

*Dog Walking

* House Call Grooming

* Exotic & Aquatic Pet Care

*Farm Care