All grooming policies are set with the health and safety of your pet at the forefront of all decisions! If you have a question about a policy, please contact us and we will explain. 

We will not shave double coated dogs! Double coated dogs include Huskies, German Shepherd Dogs, Akitas, and Golden Retrievers. 

Doing so can lead to skin, coat and health issues for your pet and could cause follicle damage and increase the risk of clipper alopecia.

Also, a shaved pet risks sunburn, melanoma, dangerous flea and tick bites, and skin damage from the lack of protection from the elements. If you are looking for a solution to shedding, we offer a deshedding treatment that will address the shedding concerns. Please see our grooming page for details. 

Please be aware the words “puppy cut” are not grooming terms.  If you're looking for a one-length, easily maintained groom that won't require any daily upkeep, please communicate your preferences with us. If you want short all over, but long on the tail, we will need to know that. I encourage visual aids, show pictures of the desired cut and we will work with you. The more descriptive the better! 

I groom for safety and health!

A scared puppy, new to the grooming experience, may be afraid of loud noises, new equipment and may be excitable because of it.  My utmost concern is your pet's wellbeing. I will take the time and patience necessary to ensure your pet is safe first, and won't be injured. 

I won't groom a pet with stitches until they've had their follow up veterinarian appointment. Wet stitches can lead to infection and improper healing. 

If a senior pet has mobility issues, I will make sure they are comfortable and have plenty of breaks. Keeping a pet healthy and enjoying their experience is more important than the perfect groom. 

If you're pet has a sore spot or injury, please communicate this with us, so we can be gentle in that area. 

We love pets! We want this experience to be positive and pampering. An experience your pet will look toward to having again and again. To us, that's what we strive to do! 

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