Paws 'N Mittens is dedicated to keeping pets looking their best!  Pets groomed in home are happier and less stressed, allowing them to relax and enjoy their pet pampering experience. 

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Does your pet get car sick or does not travel well?

2) Do you find it is difficult to take your pet/s out by yourself?

3) Is your pet nervous around other animals or loud noises?

If you said YES to any of these...


Basic groom includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow dry and brush out.

Small - <25 lbs
Medium – 26-50 lbs
Large – 51 -85 lbs
Giant - 86+


Full groom includes everything in the bathing package plus styled cut and trim of owner's choice, professionalized or breed standard.

Full groom pricing is determined by breed, size of pet, the condition of the pet's coat, severity of tangle and mats and length and thickness of coat. The below prices are the starting prices for grooming.


Small - <25 lbs
Starting at $50

Medium – 26-50 lbs
 Starting at $65

Large – 51 -85 lbs
Starting at $85

Giant - 86+
Starting at $115

Pet Pampering Packages 

The Soothing Package is great for pets with skin issues from environmental allergies, hotspots or dry skin. 

The Calming Package does wonders for pets with separation anxiety or simply will relax a nervous pet so they can enjoy their pampering experience. 

The Dental Package will give your pet a pearly white smile, combat dental plaque and bad breath.

The Free and Clear Package is for pets that may have gotten fleas or ticks during a summer camping trip or met an unfriendly and smelly friend in the backyard.  Please inform your groomer of the individual needs of your pets so they can cater the package to your pet's needs. 

The Deshed Package is by far a favorite by all! The deshed package will reduce your pet's undercoat by 90% and reduce shedding and matting. This is an amazing package for any double coated, long haired dog or cat! 




Basic Bath $55

Shave with no bath $35

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